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Bolong Organic Waste Compost Tank

DATE: 2024-06-05
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As a company specialising in the production of high-temperature aerobic fermenters, we are well aware of the urgent need for high-quality bio-organic fertilizers in the current agricultural sector. With the promotion of ecological civilisation construction, as well as the acceleration of the green transformation of agriculture, how to achieve the resourceful use of livestock and poultry manure and other agricultural waste has become an important issue of widespread concern.


The high temperature aerobic fermenter developed by our company is the core technical equipment to solve this problem. The fermenter makes full use of aerobic microorganisms in high temperature conditions to decompose the principle of organic matter, through precise control of key parameters in the fermentation process, such as temperature, humidity, oxygen content, etc., to ensure that the livestock and poultry manure in the optimal fermentation environment to quickly transform into high-quality bio-organic fertiliser.


Fermentation principle is simple and efficient

Excellent characteristics of “three highs and three good”.

Organic fertilizer production machines

The core of high-temperature aerobic fermentation is to maintain “three high” (high temperature 55-75℃, high humidity, high oxygen content) and “three good” (good temperature, good humidity, good oxygen) conditions inside the fermenter. In such an environment, aerobic microorganisms can rapidly decompose the organic matter in manure, and it usually takes only 7-14 days to complete the whole fermentation process, which greatly improves the production efficiency.


Compared with traditional fermentation methods, this high-temperature aerobic fermentation process has many advantages.

– Short fermentation cycle and fast product turnover.

– High hygienic index of the product, effectively killing all kinds of harmful microorganisms.

– The fermentation process generates its own heat, which realises the recycling of energy.

In addition, our high-temperature aerobic fermenter is equipped with intelligent control system, which can realise the automatic operation of the whole process of fermentation and greatly reduce the labour cost. Meanwhile, the tank adopts airtight design to ensure the environmental friendliness of the fermentation process.


Helping the green transformation of agriculture and practising circular economy

With the in-depth promotion of the construction of ecological civilisation, the resource utilisation of agricultural waste such as livestock and poultry manure is becoming a key task in the field of agriculture. Our high-temperature aerobic fermenter can efficiently and safely convert these organic wastes into high-quality bio-organic fertiliser, contributing to the green transformation of agriculture and the recycling of resources.

In the future, we will continue to commit to technological innovation, constantly optimise product performance, provide customers with more reliable and efficient organic fertilizer production solutions, contribute to the construction of beautiful countryside and promote the circular economy.

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